"Hell-Hounds At Large in Burma" - by Zarni
Dear Friends:

Prime Minister General Soe Win is dead, following his brother, another
general, who died a week or so ago.  Soe Win was the man who executed,
as operations-in-charge, the decision by Myanmarese "senior decider"
Than Shwe to intimidate NLD leadership and its rank and file on May
30, 2004, by slaughtering scores of NLD members.

Upon hearing Soe Win's death, a Burmese wrote the following commentary:

"These men are not Burmese; but they are Myanmarese - a type of
drug-resistant parasitical aliens who suck the blood off our people
and smash anyone who dares to think and act, through brutish force and
barbaric behavior.

They are the parasitical equivalent of hounds that were at large
during the colonial period.  You remember that infamous essay?  'A
Hell Hound At Large' from Oway Magazine of which Aung San was Editor
in the 1930s.

Well, we now have hounds at large in our backyard, running wild and
leaving carnage each time they become blood-thirsty, neither observing
the traditional Hindu-Buddhist principles of righteous rulers nor
European Enlightenment rationale for rule by consent. They have been
biting the hands of people who feed them.

As such, Soe Win went to Buddhist Hell called Yo-yu-wa - for his having been
the operation chief of Depayin massacres.  He got a new assignment this time.

He is to drill a big hole at the bottom, for his boss Than Shwe in the
immediate previous incarnation.

For even Hell finds the big bastard unworthy of its abode.

So Hell summoned Soe Win to come and drill an ultra-Hellish place for
the socio-path who in effect killed his former boss - another
socio-path named General Ne Win.  The latter promoted Than Shwe to be
Deputy chief of staff of the Army back in 1988.

Now onto our monks and their death or detention.

From The Economist to London Times, the pandits who appear from
woodwork, as well as our own half-baked intellectuals, have concluded
that the monks died in vain.

Don't be discouraged by such a- or anti-historical rubbish.  Most
people don't have historical imagination - much less understanding.
Therefore, we human repeat historical errors over and over again.

Ninety percent of what is paraded around or passed for Burma expertise
 in the media is simply rubbish.  It is the glow of the photons that
come through the television tube or the glow of the computer screen or
the authoritative feel of a printed publication that makes rubbish


Here is something to ponder - if you are dejected or demoralized about
the fact that the monks have been slaughtered or herded off like cows
at bayonet points by bogust Buddhists.

We have a society that is extremely resilient and a people who can
bounce back - under the right circumstances.  This phase of barbarism
too will pass.  As a society we survived maniacal loonies who sat on
our throne for 1,000 years.  We survived more sophisticated, but no
less barbaric and blood-sucking imperialists from London who ruled us
for 125 years.  We survived Fascists and their short-lived occupation.
 We survived bocus democrats under Prime Minister U Nu and
characteristic use of political violence against their challengers.
We survived General Ne Win's CIA-supported and Mossad-backed ruinous
rule during the Cold War.

We WILL survive the current lunacy dressed up as a nationalist military rule.

So, my friend, KEEP THE FAITH in the resilience of our people.

As  Nietzsche said, what doesn't destroy us only makes us stronger."